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About Happy Fairy Tale
arls and gems

Unique jewelry collections of timeless beauty of pearls and gemstones with superlative craftsmanship


 An island  surrounding by emerald green ocean, blue sky and pleasant breeze called Okinawa is the place where "HFT pearls and gems" was founded.


Founder Michiko Yoshida believes jewelries have some magical power.  She has been believed wearing jewelry will give you positive energy and make your life more fabulous and bring happiness. She want you to experience those jewelry power too.

"HFT pearls and gems" uses the finest quality pearls and gems that we carefully handpicked from trusted providers worldwide.

For pearls we use are Japanese Akoya pearl, White or Gold South Sea pearl, Tahitian pearl.

For gemstone we use precious stone like ruby, sapphire and emerald, also we use semi-precious stone like topaz, citrine, amethyst, aquamarine, period, jade, turquoise and etc.

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