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How are your summer holidays are going? We were doing sales events and private events but we don't have new updates so we were not updating our news area.

Do you usually drink tea?

I DO like to drink tea and of course coffee. I usually drink few cups of coffee in the morning time though noon. But once it became afternoon I start drinking tea.

Luckily one of my friends own tea farm in Taiwan. Above photo is taken in his tea farm.

Some of your may noticed that we have been tea section in our online store. Unfortunately we sold out all that we have prepared so currently we don't have in our online store. But we are are preparing to back in few months.

Managing the Popup schedule for latter half of 2023

For popup event, we are planing to doing popup event in various places as usual.

I'd like to thank all our customers who love our jewelries. I can't write all exact date for all events here but I will notify you though social media beforehand.


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