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How to ship to Military base...

If you have Japanese address, just followed our online shipping cart.

If you live on US military base in Japan, we will use Kuroneko Yamato, also referred to as “Black Cat” delivery service to send our products.
What we need to know is following information to ship.

  • Base name

  • Your name and phone number (deliver service company may contact you)

  • Building number

So for our online shipping cart system, please enter as followed.

  • *Zip / Postal Code - Please leave as "N/A"

  • *Region - Please choose prefecture. 
    Example...Misawa(Aomori), Yokota(Tokyo), Yokosuka(Kanagawa), Atsugi(Kanagawa), Zama(Kanagawa), Iwakuni(Yamaguchi), Sasebo(Nagasaki), Hario(Nagasaki), Foster(Okinawa), Kadena(Okinawa) or etc

  • *City - Please enter your "Base name"

  • *Address - Please enter your "Building number"

If you want to ship to  APO/FPO, please contact us before put an order.

If you have any concerned or question, please contact us. 

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