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Updated: Aug 2, 2022

The latest photos from our punching trip.

Purchasing trip during summer

We have been away from Japan during summer this year. Should We say finally?

Before the COVID started, we went punching trip for obtaining materials like jade and other gemstones. But from early 2020, there was restriction for traveling everywhere. Even re-entry had many problems. So we have been running short of gemstone stocks.

We DO know the way we have been doing is very old way. Since the internet is so well connected all over the world, some other people are purchasing using this method. But we personally don't like it. Our jewelry is handcrafted by ourself, so even the pearls or gemstones we use, we want to carefully handpicked by ourselves and them start making them into jewelries.

We are introducing some jade items we got for now. Some items we may put on our online store later.

I will have more different design so if you have any interest, please drop our sales evens or popup!

Managing the Popup schedule for latter half of 2022

Luckily we have got invitations for many sales event or popup every year. The latter half especially from September to December, these 3 months is the most busiest time for us.

We now plans doing sales events and popup in Kanto area and Okinawa.

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